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1. EZURI 90-418 Łódź (łódzkie - POLAND - )
  EZURI  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00


EZURI is a clothing brand with over 20-year experience of E.Levy company. EZURI specializes
in the manufacturing of women’s cloths. Our brand offers blouses, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers and costumes.
In every season collection EZURI proposes several dozen designs for women that value elegance and comfort.
Clothes of EZURI are designed for ladies in the age of 30+ that prefer style in keeping with world trends, but
feminine and chic at the same time.

2. AREX 26-230 Radoszyce (świętokrzyskie - POLAND - )
  Prtzedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Usłogowe Arex  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
3. RENAGRO 03-687 Warszawa (mazowieckie - POLAND - )
  Renagro  Spółka z o.o.

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
  The company deals with: export vegetables, imported coal from Russia.
4. SPILLO 64-300 Nowy Tomyśl (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )
  SPILLO Tekstylia Produkcja-Dystrybucja  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 07:00 do 15:00
  Spillo has been manufacturing women\\\\\\\\`s clothes for 30 years. Our products are characterized by high quality and fashionable designs. We specialize in manufacturing of elegant, coctail and casual dresses, women`s jackets, blouses, trousers, skirts and coats both for women an youth. Our collections are addressed to women who want to look stylishly and feel comfortable.
5. TRIANON 14-100 Ostróda (warmińsko-mazurskie - POLAND - )

Open between    Pn-Pt od 09:00 do 18:00
  Clothing design and manufacture. We offer a new collection every season under SORELLA brand dedicated to young women who value high quality and elegant style. Our clothes are made of high quality Italian fabrics and accessories.
6. MR. MOON 81-855 Sopot (pomorskie - POLAND - )
  Mr. Moon  Spółka Cywilna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
7. ADRIANNO-DAMIANII 34-116 Bachowice (śląskie - POLAND - )
  Adrianno Damianii  Firma Prywatna
  \\\"ADRIANNO DAMIANII\\\" is the family business with over 40 years of tradition and experience in the clothing industry.
8. ANETEX 90-318 Łódź (łódzkie - POLAND - )
  ANETEX- a Clothing company, established in Lodz in 1990.
has from its founding specialized in the manufacture of a wide variety of ladies` blouses. Responding to customer demand we broadened our production range.

Now, with a modern factory we have extended our manufacturing base to produce a complete range of ladies` clothes (e.g. blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, formal wear, dresses and overcoats).
Since the beginning, the company has imported world fashion trends to the Polish market.
Our overcoats are made mainly from Italian petersham and we specialize in making formal wear, visiting dresses as well as producing seasonal clothing made from summer fabrics like cotton and flax.
Our wide range of seasonal clothing adapted to market and fashion requirements satisfies the expectations of the most fastidious customers.
We supply women in all ages and sizes from 34 to 54.
Our clothes are made from high quality imported and domestic synthetic and natural (cotton, flax, wool) fabrics. Our success depends on high quality tailoring and competitive prices. In our research and development department we plan and design our own and customers’ been projects.
We employ highly skilled and experienced staff, many of whom have been working at our factory since “Anetex” was established.
Our finished products are sold in Poland as well as exported to the Czech and German markets.
Every season we introduce at least a dozen new designs to meet current fashion and market trends.
We welcome cooperation with tradesmen, wholesalers and retailers..
On request, we are delighted to provide our customers with our latest catalogue range, including fabric samples and our price list.
9. ANN MARC 58-514 Łomnica (dolnośląskie - POLAND - )
  F.P.H.U ANN MARC  Firma Prywatna
  Our Company has been operating for 20 years now. In 2007 we began our sale of the stocks of clothing imported from the UK. The clothing we sell at low prices is distinguished by good quality. Since there is a growing interest in our offer, we continue to expand our supplier database, to establish new commercial relations and to include new products in our offer. And since we wish to maintain the good quality we have been promoting from the very beginning, we cooperate chiefly with UK suppliers.
We are looking forward to doing regular business with you.
Among other stocks, our offer includes:
- T-shirts
- Sweat shirts
- Fleece shirts & jackets
- Softshell jackets
- Men’s and women’s shirts
- Women’s blouses
Opening hours Mo-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm
10. ANNA 52-200 Wrocław (dolnośląskie - POLAND - )
  Anna Hurtownia Odzieży  Firma Prywatna
  Our company was set up in 1990, at the time of significant demand for establishihg wholesale outlets shortening the way between producers and retailers. We will glad to co-operate with garment producers and importers.

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